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Marble can differ drastically in cost, with respect to the kind you utilize. However, it generally costs between $50 and $250 or over, per sq . ft ..  Those who’re on the tighter budget don’t really choose marble. The first pricing is high however the maintenance cost could be high too. The most cost effective marble will be the Carrara marble yet others are usually more costly.


Marble countertops can be found in different finishes. You are able to select one according to your individual preference, however, you’ll discover that some finishes are simpler to keep than the others.

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  • Honed or Matt Finish: This finish is performed by sanding the marble until it’s satiny and smooth. It might feel soft to the touch and can possess a slightly different texture too. This surface doesn’t show scratches and flaws easily so more and more people prefer it for his or her countertops nevertheless it helps make the marble weaker to staining.
  • Leather Finish: This finish is achieved with the addition of another leather-like texture towards the honed top of the marble. It lends a gentle glow and sheen but isn’t as reflective. It’s utilized in black colored marbles and also the texture can vary from stone to stone.
  • Polished Finish: This is actually the most widely used finish and the most challenging to keep, too. It’s achieved by grinding after which buffing the top. Natural great thing about the stone is much more apparent, because the veins stick out and also the colors tend to be more vivid. It’s less inclined to stain because it’s less porous yet it’s weaker to scratches.

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