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Other home enhancements that people at Acer Granite Corp build are Windowsills and/or Wall Caps. We provide top quality stone products for purchasers residing in the main harbour Charlotte now, FL area and surrounding regions.  Our experts in bathroom and kitchen countertops will help you in selecting the types of materials for that bathroom or kitchen you’ve always dreamt of. Granite, quarta movement or marble windowsills can enhance the property value of your house.

When these kinds of materials can be used for windowsills, there’s little if any maintenance. They’re visually appealing and incredibly durable. There’s you don’t need to replace them due to weather rot, that is common when wood can be used because the material for windowsills.

Window frames along with the stone window ledge will enhance your property value. Very low maintenance and therefore are created using stone materials for example sandstone, quarta movement, marble or granite. Acer Granite Corp can take shape you ones which are produced in the classic design or customized for you personally We make custom stone surrounds or stone window trims which are simple in design. Cambria, Silestone, Caesarstone, Pompeii, Vetrazzo, Geos, Cambria are stone designs that lots of customers have started to know and love.

Another product which provides a final touch for your bathroom or kitchen is wall caps. Wall caps is situated near stairs, toilets, along with other areas that you wish to add distinction. Wall caps work nicely in areas which are small in dimensions. These half walls have marble, marble or granite tops.

At Acer Granite Corp, we provide an array of wall caps for those areas of your house that you need something creative to accomplish a little section of surfaces. We provide our products to customers at huge discounts.

If you’re searching for wall caps or stone window sills, provide us with at Acer Granite Corp a phone call. We’d be more than pleased to help you. We service customers within the Port Charlotte now, FL area and surrounding region.



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