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Best material to patch crack in exterior concrete window ledge?

I've an exterior concrete window ledge which has a crack inside it that I wish to patch (pic attached). What can be a suitable material to grow it with? I've on hands a tube of massive Stretch caulk, along with a tub of DAP Bondex ready-mixed concrete patch. Would either of individuals work nicely? Or must i get similar to Quikrete crack sealant concrete repair (caulk), or GE Silicone II Concrete & Masonry Caulk, or …? My prep plan's to wire brush after which fly out having a can of compressed air. Thanks. / Rav Attached Thumbnails Best material to patch crack in exterior concrete window sill?-cimg3690.jpg


How to Repair a Crack in a Concrete Foundation – This Old House


Vivaci Anon: how not to repair a foundation crack…

ERVARGAS NYC: This video was about how to repair a crack, I am sure and inspection was done, but the video was about how to repair a crack.

OniJon: They should really tell that here because it's misleading to repair foundation cracks only with these methods.

Fat Rabbit: lmao "I had a little bit of extra mortar". Not sure why you mixed a whole bag for 1 little crack.

bb11 jr: right lol

Electone_Guy: That crack required epoxy injection and hydraulic cement.

Franco Annoni: Yes he showed perfectly what to do if you want to cover up a real problem and sell the house. Now you paint over it and the poor guy who bought the house has a basement full of water. If anything he only made the problem much worse.

Ser Dee: Yep.. that what happen to me.. I have a crack about 12ft long

Dr.Feel Good: Back when I was a teenager we had a floor to ceiling crack like this in the basement of the first house my mom bought after she got divorced. It was covered up (notice I didn't say fixed) in a similar manner. The first time it rained our basement literally filled up with water. This is the kind of dishonest thing you do when you want to sell a house and don't want to spend the time and money to fix something properly.\nI can't believe a show like ask This Old House would show people how to do something in this fashion. I mean it's just idiotic! I learned the hard way as a teenager the proper way to fix this type of thing but this guy doesn't know how?! I'm baffled.

Harry Schultze: Thank God I know how to do it the right way.