Lightweight cast stone architectural elements – window sills & surrounds

When installing new home windows within an existing home, a typical issue is experienced how to handle the space that needed to be produced when removing old home windows, and flashing new home windows.

Generally, this involves around a 5-6” elimination of stucco, on stucco exteriors. I have seen contractors patch in round the new window, then color match the stucco, or patch in and re-stucco the whole home, that is far more suitable, because the color is nearly impossible to complement other wise. Faux Limestone Window Surround & Belly Band

Clearly this can be a relatively costly option, and something that does not add lots of value when it comes to improving the looks of the house for that dollars spent. You finish up with similar fundamental look you began with, just with new home windows.

We at Design Stone Works have an alternative choice. After installing of the brand new home windows and flashing, the space produced from removed stucco can contain eps foam strips, then engrossed in an Acrylistone limestone alternative window surround moulding. Give a nice sill at the base from the window and you’ll help your home’s looks completely.

Based upon the architecture of  your house we are able to design and make a shape the precise size, shape, color, and texture, which will add character and cost to your house. Call us today for consultation along with a bid!



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