Quarta movement window ledge milwaukee

Trigger your home windows with beautiful granite, marble or quarta movement window ledges. Our handcrafted, customized stone ledges and window sills include rounded or beveled edges make a beautiful interior room accent or exterior detail. Narrow stone ledges and window frames give a subtle touch of class, while wider window sills can behave as shelves for plants, trinkets or any other decorative pieces.

At Granite Plus, you can go to our New Berlin showroom and choose the bit of stone yourself. Select from our standard colors like Bianco Carrara white-colored marble and Black Absolute granite, or you’re searching for some thing exotic, we’ll enable you to get the right stone from your network of quality distributors.

Marble Hearth Mantel Ledges

Enhance your hearth by having an artisan quality marble mantel shelf. Select from an even, clean, modern look, a bevel or rounded edge or perhaps a more intricate, classic design. Take a look at our custom marble hearth surrounds, hearths and mantels for additional design ideas.

Stonework Shelves for that Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower and much more

Quartz Shelf or Window Sill Fabrication MilwaukeeUse marble, granite and quarta movement ledges and shelves in the kitchen area, bathroom and other parts of the home for books, mirrors and ornamental keepsakes. Stone shower ledges are customized to secure your shower supplies, while kitchen shelves hold cookbooks, containers and pans or any other cooking and baking supplies.

Floating Shelf

Accent your kitchen area, family room, dining area, bed room, study, or any room in the home with marble floating shelves. Guaranteed with sturdy brackets, your gemstone floating shelves may have the soundness to carry books, mirrors, vases, plants, along with other decorative products.

Shower Shelf

Give a custom stone shelf for that shower to provide your bathrooms a stylish touch. Granite, marble, or any other stone corner shower shelves provide out-of-the-way space for storage for soap, shampoo, along with other products.

Corner Shelf

Granite and marble corner shelves are beautiful anywhere in the home, not only to the shower. Custom stone corner shelves with decorative edges turn wasted space into functional décor.

Radiator Shelf

If you reside in a mature house or apartment with radiators, enhance the appearance and utilize otherwise wasted space having a marble or granite radiator topper. Stone slabs will withstand heat from the radiator during the cold months and safeguard hands from getting burned. Once the radiator is off within the summer time, make use of the shelf for anything. Once the heat is on, avoid placing flammable or heat sensitive products, like books, on radiator shelves.

Contact our custom stone ledge fabricators for any free quote on window sills, wall shelves, hearth mantels and much more.

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Installing Custom Window Sills


himakgam: 1:38 architect's original spec was…. but Arnold said blah blah blah…. and we went with contractor's suggestion… because you need some place to put things down…. A decent architect designs things that are cohesive with the rest of the structure and blend with the overall theme… What village are you from ?

chris b: wood window stools definitely add to the place over just drywalled jambs.  I'd want that too if it were my house.  I wouldn't care what some architect thinks, if I'm the one living there.

Billy Newman: I'd like to see that $2500 lift in action.  I realize this was some time ago, and prices have probably gone up, but folks around here only get estimates of $15k and up for any kind of lift.

Jimmy Mallery: just picked Arnold and he's crew up from the boarder,

moojuice369: Someone buy this guy a new square. Damn that thing is ratty.

bluekeet: how do you install marble window sills?

The Hammer: As with many of these TV videos, they do not show quite enough information for the amateur. How did he dress up the corners of the trim below the stool?

Wade Haskell: I noticed that. I am a finish carpenter, and I just started a channel, where I'm going to try and put up some "how to" videos. My first one is a window sill/stool. It's my first time attempting to film with a gopro on my head so, I'd love any feedback.

Jon Dunn: nice work by the carpenter

azul8811: Isn't that the stool of the window? The sill is on the outside, no?