Limestone sill

Limestone sills are typically the most popular gemstone sills utilized in The United States. Sills made from Indiana Limestone would be the product of preference below window openings to safeguard against water damage and mold, or being an accent band inside a masonry field. Selecting Indiana Cut Stone Limestone sills will prove to add the classic limestone complement for your architectural design. Obtainable in both grey and color blend, you may choose from a smooth or rock face finish.

Indiana Cut Stone Limestone Sill Stock

Limestone sills are created like a simple rectangular from mill run quality Indiana Limestone. Our limestone sills possess a gemstone sawn finish and are available in three standard course heights of two-1/4”, 3”, or 4”. We provide standard sill depths from 4-1/2” to 24”. Each sill comes jointed to some standard period of 4’, 6’, or 8’. Our limestone sills can be found with smooth edges or machine pitched along one lengthy edge. A drip edge may also be added when needed.

Indiana Cut Stone’s extensive inventory and short fabrication lead time makes it simple to include and/or carry Indiana Cut Stone sills to boost your masonry products and finish your classic limestone offering.

Limestone Thin Veneer Sills

Limestone thin veneer sills are quickly becoming the merchandise preferred by use with lots of different thin stone veneers. Produced from exactly the same mill run quality limestone, our thin stone sills supply the perfect final touch for just about any thin stone veneer project. Our thin veneer sills come standard inside a 2-1/4” course height, 2-1/2” or 3-1/2″ depth, and 4’ length. Obtainable in Smooth, Rocked, and Rocked & Dripped.


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irgendwie anders: what is that circle tool you used? I'm looking for a thing just like that 🙂 also beautiful artwork as usual :)

Danica Sills: Thank you so much! And it's an EK Tools Scissor Pro Circle Cutter. I love this thing, I use it for almost all the circles I draw. Here's a link if you're curious :

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Danica Sills: I just woke up when I recorded this, I was so sleepy! :)

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