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Regardless if you are renovating a classic window, modifying a current one, or installing a replacement altogether, you might want to use a new window ledge to go together with it. Window sills can be used as a multitude of things. They may be decorated by themselves, or be employed to store other adornments, especially ones like plants that take advantage of being stored under the sun. However, before you decide to develop a window ledge, you’ll have to determine what to really make it from. This decision is much more complicated of computer appears, since there are a multitude of window ledge materials available. All are healthy choices, though some are superior to others, with respect to the individual wants and needs from the owner. Below is an introduction to the different window ledge materials, that ought to assist you to understand the pros and cons they convey.


Wood is easily the most apparent selection of material to construct a window ledge from. It’s a classic for any reason. It may be colored to complement all of those other decoration, and it is relatively affordable. However, this classic material has a couple of lower sides. Wood is very susceptible to water damage and mold. This might not appear just like a serious problem, but plants that need lots of moisture might cause your wooden window ledge to become uncovered to numerous moisture with time. It’s also vulnerable to damage from repeated subjection to sunlight—which it’ll most likely get lots of.

These complaints could be mitigated to some extent with paint, but paint causes its very own problems. It may nick, requiring maintenance, as well as if no accidents occur it’ll fade with time if uncovered towards the sun, that is inevitable.


There are lots of types of stone you can use as material for window sills. Granite, limestone, marble, and slate are possible options. Stone has a lot of advantages making it a fantastic choice to construct a window ledge from. Stone is extremely moisture resistant as well as resists damage from sunlight perfectly. Stone can be quite simple to clean, and stone window sills require relatively little maintenance.

However, stone can be quite costly in comparison with other possible building materials.


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Vinyl is really a a comparatively new option like a material for window ledge construction. However, it’s perfectly viable and it has several benefits. Vinyl is extremely simple to neat and requires very little maintenance within the lengthy term. It’s also very resistant against all kinds of damage, particularly damage from moisture.

However, vinyl might be hard to match towards the adornments you have in position.


Tile is certainly a possible option when thinking about materials for any window ledge. Tile can be created from glass or ceramic, but anything made from, its benefits offer a similar experience. Tile is moisture and sunlight resistant, and simple to keep clean and maintain. Furthermore, tile is comparatively affordable, which makes it a powerful competitor to stone window sills.


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