Duralosa sintered stone countertops faqs – allen + roth

Duralosa sintered stone countertops faqs - allen + roth The 15-year Limited

What’s DuraLosa™ Sinterted Stone?

DuraLosa™ consists of natural materials including clay, feldspar along with other natural minerals and pigments. The manufacturing process applies 5,000PSI of pressure at 2200F levels which sinters and fuses the particles together.

Do you know the benefits of DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone surface countertops?

A higher performing surface, DuraLosa™ is non-porous stopping unwelcome germs, bacteria and mildew. It doesn’t require sealing, conditioning or polishing and it is highly scratch, stain, heat, impact and water-resistant. DuraLosa™ is 100% eco-friendly and it is Ultra violet resistant.

What DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone surface goods are available?

Each DuraLosa™ slab is fabricated into a number of design applications. DuraLosa™ will come in 12mm (1.2cm) thickness and is available in a slab size 125”x59”.

How do you take care of my DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone surface countertop?

Make use of a microfiber cloth to get rid of dust in the surface. Clean your DuraLosa™ countertop daily if required. DuraLosa™ countertops could be washed with tepid to warm water that a detergent could be added, utilized in the dose suggested through the manufacturer. Rinse with tepid to warm water and dry having a cloth or similar. Any liquid spills, fruits, vegetables, or any other foods ought to be easily wiped up and cleaned with water and soap.

Is DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone scratch resistant?

Because DuraLosa™ consists of natural materials and it is manufactured using extreme pressure and heat, the top is extremely scratch and impact-resistant. However, just like any surface, sudden impact, excessive pressure/pressure, or misuse can harm the stone surface.

Are you able to cut on the DuraLosa™ countertop?

Although DuraLosa™ is extremely resistant against scratches, it is usually suggested to utilize a cutting board to avoid any dulling from the surface or perhaps your knives. Utilizing a cutting board may also prevent metal knife stains around the countertop surface.

Can hot plates and pans go on the DuraLosa™ countertop?

While DuraLosa™ sintered stone can withstand heat, we still recommend using hot pads or trivets when utilizing cooking units for example electric frying pans, crock-containers, or toaster ovens. Prolonged heat exposure can harm your DuraLosa™ countertop, and the like damage isn’t included in warranty.

Is DuraLosa™ color consistent?

DuraLosa™ sintered stone is created using natural materials and variences colored, pattern and shade are typical and normal, because they are in other stone products. The 15-year warranty doesn’t cover color variance and also the DuraLosa™ countertop won’t be replaced of these unique, natural traits.

Will my DuraLosa™ countertop have seams?

DuraLosa™ isn’t a seamless product seams are usually visible. Inspection for color coordination across seams and multiple pieces is strongly suggested. The precise quantity of seams inside a countertop is determined by the form from the countertop and whether you particularly request less or no seams. Seam placement reaches the discretion from the fabricator. Please be aware that demands for less or no seams will raise the sq footage units that must definitely be purchased, therefore growing the cost. Our DuraLosa™ certified fabricator installer can display you where seams is going to be put on your countertop.

Will the little sample piece I’ve match my countertop once it’s installed?

Variance colored, shade and pattern is definitely an natural trait expected from the Sintered Stone product. Samples are cut from large DuraLosa™ stone slabs and just represent a restricted area of the actual stone. Please make reference to samples only like a general symbol of a specific color’s design pattern, appearance, and hue. Samples aren’t certain to be a precise replica of DuraLosa™ slabs and could change from the particular, installed product.

Will dark colors want more maintenance?

All dark colors associated with a Sintered Stone material want more maintenance. Under ordinary use more dark colors can have dirt, dust, rubs, fingerprints, and watermarks more readily than lighter colors patterns. Naturally these colors want more choose to maintain the look of them.

Can One place food on my DuraLosa™ countertop?

Yes, given that it’s non-porous, DuraLosa™ countertops are extremely hygienic because it avoids fungus or any other bacteria.

Exactly what does my DuraLosa™ Limited Lifetime Warranty cover?

THESIZE warrants towards the original finish user – purchaser/owner within the U.S., that it is DuraLosa™ porcelain sheet defects under normal conditions useful and repair. This warranty will affect the repair or substitute of unsuccessful product that’s been permanently set up in the dog owner(s) residence. THESIZE obligation to correct or replace shall in addition be restricted to the repair or substitute with colors, styles and finishes of merchandise that are around during the time of repair or substitute. The choice to correct or replace product failures because of manufacturing defects will be worked out in the exclusive discretion from the SIZE.

The 15-year Limited Warranty isn’t transferable and just pertains to the DuraLosa™ products for exteriors and interiors, in residential applications within the U.S. This warranty is void unless of course the merchandise continues to be compensated entirely. In compliance with this particular 15-year Limited Warranty, the approved agents of THESIZE will be granted sufficient chance and time for you to inspect the merchandise, as well as assess and react to any claims. All decisions concerning the presence of manufacturing defects within the DuraLosa™ porcelain sheet utilized in the fabrication from the DuraLosa™ countertops and sinks will be produced by THESIZE and will be final and binding for those parties.


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