Gemstone versus. solid surface: what’s the main difference? – tower industries, corporation

Gemstone versus. solid surface: what’s the main difference? – tower industries, corporation How could they be different

At Tower Industries, we sell several various kinds of surfacing solutions, including quartz, solid surface, and natural stone.

We spoken about quarta movement versus. gemstone within this blog publish. Now, it’s time for you to shine the spotlight on gemstone versus. solid surface. How are this stuff exactly the same? How could they be different? How in the event you pick which material suits the application?

Let’s reach it.


Natural stone (granite) is simply that—it’s 100% organic, produced by Nature herself. It’s quarried in the earth in large blocks, sliced into slabs, polished somewhere, after which shipped towards the broker or fabricator.

Characteristics of gemstone:

  • 100% natural. ‘Nuff stated.

  • Unique. No two slabs are alike, which may be an enormous feature (originality), however this does mean you will not find identical color and pattern in one slab to another.

  • Gemstone versus. solid surface: what’s the main difference? – tower industries, corporation we sell several

    Resilient and strong, although not indestructible. You are able to damage gemstone through excessive pressure or sudden fluctuations in temperature (and that’s why it is best to make use of a trivet before putting a hot pan or pot on the gemstone counter).

  • Porous. To avoid staining and, more to the point, the harboring of germs along with other icky stuff within the stone’s the nooks and crannies, we advise sealing gemstone countertops annually.

  • Simple to clean when sealed correctly. Use a soft cloth with tepid to warm water and then any pH neutral, non-abrasive cleaner or mild dishwashing detergent. Rinse well to prevent a filmy residue and streaks.

  • Seams is going to be plainly visible, particularly if the stone has veins or directional movement within the pattern.



Solid surface, however, is really a man-made material composed typically of acrylic and/or polyester resins and pigments (the second is exactly what gives solid surface its color).

Characteristics of solid surface:

  • Manufactured surface.
  • Color variety. The colour is controlled throughout the manufacturing process, so that you can rely on color consistency through the entire sheet and a multitude of patterns and colors to choose from.
  • Highly durable. Much more so than gemstone. Solid surface can withstand more powerful impact  than stone. That stated, solid surface could be broken by excessive pressure as well as heat (we still recommend using trivets with hot containers and pans).
  • Non-porous. This surface is hygienic and doesn’t require sealing.
  • Simple to clean. Just a little water and soap usually will the trick.
  • Stain resistant. Because of the fact it’s non-porous.
  • Off traffic seams. This gives a lot more design versatility. A very common application is mixing a good surface countertop having a solid surface sink bowl for any sleek and seamless look that’s super-simple to clean.
  • May be used in vertical and horizontal applications. Think beyond countertops—you may use solid surface in shower surrounds, wall panels, and backsplashes.

Now you learn more about gemstone and solid surface, how can you pick which material is the greatest option for the application?

Think function. This can be a personal decision, and solve these questions . answer it honestly. If you would like an ultra-low maintenance surfacing option because of the fact you’ve got a large family, for instance, and also the countertop will discover a large amount of “action,” then solid surface is better than gemstone.

If, however, you’ll need a fantastic look and also you know you’ll maintain a normal sealing schedule, gemstone could be a lovely choice. There actually is no wrong or right answer—only what’s wrong or right for the particular conditions.

Think appearance. Again, this really is very subjective, and that’s OK. Your opinion is the only person that means something, a minimum of with regards to selecting materials for your own personel home. When you are selecting materials which will come in commercial settings, you have to consider those who are while using space and just what their preferences may be (same holds true for that “function” test above…always think about the people who’ll be utilising the area).

The greatest distinction between gemstone and solid surface with regards to appearance is that this: with gemstone, you’re truly likely to have something that’s unique. This can be very appealing.

With regards to solid surface, you’re likely to have numerous, several choices when it comes to patterns and colors. This could provide you and your designer much more design versatility, that might carry its very own appeal, based on your objectives.

Think cost point. We’ll be truthful here—natural stone will often are more expensive than solid surface, therefore if budget is a huge factor, take this into account.

Once you’ve made your choice, now comes the enjoyment part: purchasing the material and waiting for the next phase within the renovation process (e.g. the fabrication and installing of your brand-new countertop). Before you purchase, make sure to take a look at our products: Natural Stone Countertops, Meridian Solid Surface Countertops, and Meridian Solid Surface Acrylic Collection Countertops.

Have fun!

Gemstone versus. solid surface: what’s the main difference? – tower industries, corporation same holds true for that

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