Bhavishya gemstones

Bhavishya gemstones for example Marble, Sand Stone

Bhavishya gemstones exports is among the fast growing exporters of gemstone in India. We cope with all type of natural gemstones to supply our customers a large spectr um of product for example Marble, Sand Stone, Stone Veneer, Slate and limestone getting accessibility finest mines all through the biggest landscape asia. B.S has additionally unfolded another unit known as sandstone expors only focused on the portfolio of Sandstone & Limestone.

There’s an exact philosophy behind B.S success – giving stone back it is true value, prestige and naturalness, to keep in touch with nature, modernity and magnificence. With support in the best management. We are able to rely on condition-of-the-art processing methods, giving cuttings and patterns worthy of the very most capable craftsmen and designers of bygone occasions, to meet the requirements of more and more demanding professionals, wholesalers, importers and finish customers.

Our passion for stone can clearly be viewed within our magnificent Product Gallery that has some exclusive Indian Natural Gemstones well over 100 various materials. The exceptional aesthetic impact of rough natural gemstones is enhanced by a few amazing finishes which go into our designs for purchasers seeking something unusual.

B.S is ready to maintain the occasions precisely since it is sincere of tradition. It’s earned itself a distinctive waiting dedicating its sources to making certain satisfied customers, offering creations truly worth the poetry and magic of stone. We of fully-qualified experts selects the very best raw material and works it using latest-generation technology, working carefully together at every stage from the process, each adding their own experience and fervour.

Bhavishya gemstones Bhavishya gemstones exports is among

B.S is dedicated to provide top quality products and timely plan to our clients, because nothing matters to all of us greater than a happy client. With specialized group of experienced professional having a vast experience in excess of 2 decades who ensures the highest quality by testing the fabric according to standards. We work on the culture of maintaining your overheads low, thus passing the advantages towards the customers. Like a truly committed enterprise, it ensures cordial business model through prompt and quality service having a unique outlook to devote ourselves to the customers trust.


Dr. Kavittha (Kavitha Gopinath ) Talking about Lucky Stones in Kasturi Tv – Sankhya Bhavishya


Pushpalatha Gowda: Hi, my date of birth 16/10/1982 about job and future. Pushpalatha from Dubai I am using navaratna ring is it suitable for me or not pls advise me….

Bhimaraya H: Shanta Kumari

Rajkumar Rajkumar: God bless you

Supriya Salian: ಮೇಡಮ್ ನನ್ ಹೆಸರು ಸುಪ್ರೀಯ.ಡಿ.ಸಾಲ್ಯಾನ್ DOB/29/11/1989 ಪ್ಲೀಸ್ ನನ್ಗೆ lucky number ಮತ್ತೆ lucky stone ಹೇಳಿ ಪ್ಲೀಸ್

Nuchi. zeeshu: nanna hesaru Nushrath date of birth 1994 agust 30 nange luky stone yavdu anthA heli

Sudhakar Kotian: Nuchi. zeeshu h

kavitha kavithahsirsi: 15/2/1996 time 4 :30am

Kiran Singh: Hai

Amaresh Ganganalli: kavitha kavithahsirsi 5.5.1986 afternoon 2.00 Nana good number and stones bagi theilise.

Akshatha Akshatha: I want…6th date….. of….. future. or character… n about study… n……. money gain