2017 onyx countertop costs

2017 onyx countertop costs costs-and

  • Minimum: $40/sf

  • Maximum: $250/sf

The price of onyx countertops is costly by itself. Typically, prices can vary between $40/sf around the low side to $250/sf around the high side. One component that will greatly boost the cost is how big the onyx slabs installed. Onyx is an extremely brittle material and really should simply be installed with a professional. Getting the counter damaged up into different onyx slabs which are connected will definitely cost under getting the onyx countertop set up in one large piece.

Another consideration when purchasing onyx is when it’s created. The grade and search of onyx depends a great deal about how the quarta movement is ground. For instance, when quarta movement like onyx is ground finely, it creates a really smooth look. If homeowners want onyx countertops that leave much more of a flecked appearance, they need an onyx countertop that’s coarsely ground. The price may also vary a great deal, depending of that onyx the countertop is created. Natural onyx will probably be more costly than man-made onyx. Generally, man-engineered onyx still contains roughly 90% quarta movement. Another material that produces the onyx countertop will be different the prices too. Typically, another ingredients present in man-made onyx contain around 10% polymers, resins and pigments to regulate the coloring.

Since onyx along with other quarta movement countertops can be challenging to utilize, the price of installation comprises an enormous slice of the total cost. The price to possess onyx installed by a professional will be different with respect to the contractor hired to set up it. Low-finish installation usually costs around $320 for 50sf. Greater-finish installation costs is often as almost as much ast $400 for the similar sq footage. Although these costs are high, homeowners shouldn’t consider attempting to install onyx countertops themselves.

Homeowners also needs to keep in mind that most contractors will haul away their existing countertops. The cost of this is not usually incorporated within the original labor quote, so it’ll cost you extra if homeowners want to benefit from this particular service. It’s highly suggested homeowners hire contractors who provide a haul-away service.

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The types of materials required to install an onyx countertop are pretty like the materials utilized in installing every other countertop. The very first factor homeowners will need to determine may be the make of onyx they would like to use. Breton, an Italian company, may be the only company that owns a patent to create solid surface quarta movement countertops. The majority of the other well-known companies make use of this patent to create their very own quarta movement countertops. A few of the big names to think about are Avanza, DuPont, Cambria, Cosentino and Technistone.

So far as selecting the very best brand is worried, Silestone is frequently considered the very best. Although most brands provide the same quality onyx countertops, Silestone comes with an edge due to the anti-microbial protection it wears its products. However, since onyx is of course resistant against bacteria since it is smooth, the very best brand usually just comes lower to preference.


When purchasing any quarta movement countertops, including onyx, among the primary things homeowners need to understand may be the grade. Most sellers break their onyx in to the following grades:

  • First Choice: This is actually the greatest grade onyx offered. Sometimes it’s also called "AA" or "Exotic" grade. These slabs of onyx are nearly perfect. However, it doesn’t mean they’re more powerful than lower grades.

  • Commercial: This may be a good grade of onyx for those on a tight budget. Although may possibly not have a similar quality as other grades, it is almost always polished nicely to cover any defects.

  • Second Choice: These slabs will often have high contrast in coloring or natural discoloration. Due to the odd coloring, they’re reduce smaller sized pieces, causing them to be unusable in many kitchens. They provide as much strength as greater grade onyx countertops. If homeowners can produce a second choice grade work, they’ll be getting a great deal.

Benefits of Onyx Countertops

Among the greatest benefits of an onyx countertop is its look. It is really an costly countertop, also it shows. Getting onyx installed will raise the worth of a house. Additionally, it comes in a number of colors, which makes it simple to find the best coloring to suit almost any plan. Onyx countertops are very simple to clean and could be easily wiped lower with warm, soap and water.

Disadvantages of Onyx Countertops

The greatest downside of onyx countertops may be the expense. There are lots of other available choices available which cost a small fraction of the cost. Also, because of its brittle nature, seams are inevitable when the homeowner includes a large countertop design. Onyx does not tolerate heat whatsoever. Placing hot pans or plates with an onyx countertop can harm it, and there’s really not a way to repair a bit of onyx that’s been burned. The homeowner would need to switch the whole bit of onyx.


Inside a world where everybody is attempting to lessen their carbon footprint, it is good to understand quarta movement is an extremely abundant material. It is the second most easily available material within the Earth’s crust. However, there’s a couple of kinds of onyx countertops that needs to be prevented if homeowners wish to go eco-friendly due to the way they’re created. The issue is using the acrylic resins, that are utilized in producing all quarta movement countertops. They are oil by-products, meaning they frequently have alumina trihydrate fillers. Such fillers are manufactured from bauxite ore, that is usually found in developing countries using toxic chemicals.

Some onyx countertops are certified by GreenGuard. What this means is they’ve been developed in a manner that is protected for that atmosphere. Companies offering these onyx countertops include Silestone, Formica, Zodiaq and Wilsonart. Some brands for example Cambria Quarta movement are popular since they’re made and found completely within the U . s . States.

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