Granite, marble, limestone, travertine along with other natural gemstones – north park california –

Gemstone is really a product of nature, for the reason that no two stone tiles are exactly alike. Stone is really a natural solid formation of 1 or many minerals created over countless years through preassure. Because the Earth’s crust started to grow and erode, pressure and heat pressed the solid minerals to the Earth’s surface, which created colossal rock beds. You will find 1000 kinds of stone which have been quarried thought the centuries. Quarries can be found all across the globe. Most gemstone originates from Italia, The country, Poultry, U . s . States, Mexico, china, Taiwan, India, A holiday in greece, canada, France, and South america. The familiar stone types which are used today are identified through four groups

  • Metamorphic Rock – Marble and Travertine
  • Igneous Rock – Granite
  • Sedimentary Rock – Slate and Limestone
  • Manufactured Stone – Terra Cotta, Ceramic and Porcelain



Marble tile is really a gemstone material that’s countless years of age. Marble is really a nonfoliated metamorphic rock caused by the metamorphism of limestone. Marble, lengthy acknowledged as probably the most versatile choice home based décor. Marble is neat and easily maintained with limitless workability permitting a varied selection of patterns and numerous colors with some form of veining running through it. The veins are often different colored compared to primary colour of the stone. Marble Marble is comparatively soft in comparison with other gemstones for example granite. It’ll scratch effortlessly and it is very responsive to acidic chemicals. Marble can be used to create magnificent tile floors, kitchen Countertops, Marble Bathroom Vanities, Tile Floors, Marble Wall Tile as well as posts.


Types of Stone Tile – Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Bluestone


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