Charleston-made souvenirs improve your gift-giving cred

Children’s designer Barbara Beach of Barbara Beach Designs began out your Montessori classroom, where she was inspired to produce a type of fun, functional clothing for babies through elementary-age kids. From crisp, well-tailored onesies in soothing patterns to vibrant jackets and rompers for older tykes, Barbara Beach Designs’ attire is really as playful—and play-ready—as it’s timeless. 

Where you can shop: online at

Blue floral one-piece (Courtesy Barbara Beach Designs)

Sammy Speare

Sammy Speare started in 2014 like a unique type of notch-back and knot-back cufflinks. Festooned with embroidered anchors, sailboats and Labrador retrievers, they are dapper enough to show the shaggiest gentleman dashing, plus they add instant preppy panache to the outfit. The lately expanded line now includes colorful seersucker neckties and bowties embroidered with contrasting lobsters, ship wheels along with other nautically-themed elements.

Where you can shop: online at

One of the many nautical-themed pieces from Sammy Speare (Courtesy Sammy Speare)

Ocean + Stone Jewellery

Megan Proctor of Ocean + Stone Jewellery envisions and crafts all her one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired pieces. The limited-edition jewellery collection includes necklaces, rings and earrings created using precious and semiprecious gemstones together with shells, antlers and pearls. From chunky scallop-covering necklaces to elegant gem earrings, Ocean + Stone’s goods are delicate, yet rustic and intended to be valued and worn.

Where you can shop: Julep, 154 King St., 843.724.9144

Natural beauty from the collections at Sea + Stone Jewelry (Courtesy Sea + Stone Jewelry)


When designer Amy Driggers of Taxidermy recognized she needed a brand new handbag, she made the decision to really make it herself. Reactions to that particular piece—known because the Mackie Tote—inspired her to begin her very own line. Today, additionally towards the Mackie, Taxidermy offers a range of upscale exotic skin handbags, footwear and varsity jackets. With python and alligator skin sourced from the family-run farm in Indonesia and frequently dyed in Technicolor hues, Drigger’s pieces vary from structured “it” bags and clutches to snakeskin Chuck Taylor Converse athletic shoes which have been seen on everybody from Beyoncé towards the Kardashians.

Where you can shop: Maris DeHart, 32 Vendue Range, 843.693.6139

Taxidermy offers colorful, exotic skin products

Suite 33

Suite 33 features cosmetic cases, cocktail napkins and whimsical pillows in fun yet functional patterns and colors that designer and owner Emily Papuga notes are “designed for those who love Charleston.” Handcrafted in Mount Enjoyable and making use of organic cotton and linen fabrics, pillows like ‘Ravenel Bridge’ or ‘Rainbow Row’ capture the appearance, feel and palette of Holy City.

Where you can shop: Open Door, 78 Line St., 843.872.6469

Unique throwpillow designs capture Charleston' title='Unique throwpillow designs capture Charleston



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