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Hello towards the Fossil Forum!

Recently I’m beginning a gift assortment of Aetobatis fossils. It’s slow going, but I’m just beginning:) I actually do my collecting buying and selling or purchasing fossils, since My home is Hawaii, and am disabled so can’t easily escape within the fossil fields.

After I was youthful I did previously begin to see the baby Spotted Bald eagle Sun rays swimming within the bay or in the canal at Waikiki. They’re adorable! I’m not sure how lengthy here is going to be good, but this is a short video I located on the internet. Someone is selling live baby sun rays for aquariums. So cute!

I wish to recommend 2 of a number of my personal favorite fossil dealers for searching for shark and ray fossils.

Hidden Treasure Fossils:

Vast choice of shark and ray teeth from around the globe, the different options are hrs just browsing these catalogs! Very informative in addition to excellent shopping!

Fossiliferous: E.R. Matheau-Raven: kingdom/

Excellent selection of all types of fossils, with many different unusual United kingdom pieces.

I simply purchased some Aetobatis teeth from these two friendly and useful dealers today. One’s teeth are fragments, but excellent ones, fine types of extinct Aetobatis. A few of the pieces are 1" lengthy, I question how bit the sun rays were in existence?

That’s all for the time being, speak with all of you soon:) Best of luck fishing in stone my buddies!


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Anil Jaiwar: मैना झूठ बोलू गीत डाउनलोड करना है।

Anil Jaiwar: मैना झूठ बोलू गीत डाउनलोड करना है।

Karshan Kumar: नमस्ते

Mike Lucсheze: идите нах