How you can use a stone-veneer hearth surround

How you can use a stone-veneer hearth surround using the tip from

Within this video, This Old House senior technical editor shows using stone veneer to obtain the cozy feel of the masonry hearth having to break your budget

Proven: Filedledge stone in Andante Eldorado Stone.

1. Cover the hearth surround with builder’s felt. Work in the bottom up and overlap pieces by 2 ".

2. Nail metal lath within the felt. Position it therefore the cups address catch the mortar.

3. Cover the wall with ½ inch of veneer mortar. After twenty minutes, comb the mortar having a notched trowel. Allow the mortar dry overnight.

4. Produce a the perception of the gemstones on the canvas, staggering sizes and shapes. Leave finger-width joints between gemstones.

5. Cut corner pieces by scoring the cut line having a grinder then striking all of them with a brick hammer.

6. Install the very first pieces around the header over the hearth opening. Then proceed to the edges from the hearth opening, the edges from the surround, and lastly the area. Work in the top lower.

How you can use a stone-veneer hearth surround grinder then striking all of

7. Spray the rear of each stone with water, then butter it with mortar. Draw a furrow within the mortar using the tip from the trowel.

8. Press the piece in position and wiggle it to close it towards the scratch coat.

9. With the pieces in position, clean the joints having a striking oral appliance a whisk broom. Allow the mortar cure overnight.

10. Grout the joints with veneer mortar squeezed via a bag. Allow the grout remedy for an hour or so, then shape the joints and brush them for any natural look.

How you can use a stone-veneer hearth surround furrow within the mortar using

How to paint/ update an old stone or brick fireplace or wall.


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Laura Streeter: I have a lava rock fireplace. Talk about uuuuuugleeee! Can I paint the lava rock? It has an almost pumice like texture and yes…. it's from the 70's.

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Bob M: Can you use the paint outdoor? same as inside the house

George Figueroa: @Bob yes u can.. Its actually not a paint its a primer believe it or not its a huge difference.. zinsser 123 shot is the best in buisness at for me\n @Riddle This is a good video watering it down probably gave it like a glaze affect.. looks good man im going to start a fire place this week and i got some good ideas from watching this..\n\np.s. i would throw a clear flat or eggshell finish on it to protect it

Scott Riddle: +George Figueroa good idea- esp with the possibility of smoke. 

Jane S: Love the idea and it looks great. Do you need to use any type of sealant to protect it?