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In earlier occasions, brick manufacturing wasn’t only a matter of understanding and formula it had been extremely much the merchandise of skilled hands. Faster mass-production techniques have largely supplanted the labor-intensive techniques that created splendid brick styles, colors and textures previously.

At Glen-Gery, America’s masters of quality brick manufacturing, the strategies of producing classic hand crafted brick haven’t been lost or forgotten. Experience acquired in greater than a century of painstaking work makes Glen-Gery the country’s ultimate source with this fine hand crafted product.

We proudly create brick that embodies the artistry of centuries-old legacy styles. Each Glen-Gery hand crafted brick is ready and molded individually, with each having a texture its own. To state it really, each one of these bricks is exclusive. The end result: a classic-school undertake brick’s welcoming, stately charm, impossible to copy by other means. We provide 21 colors of hand crafted brick – and each gorgeous shade enriches contemporary masonry with this vintage look. Structures built of hand crafted brick capture as little else can the heat and history – indeed, the artisan spirit – of the bygone era. We do all of it the following within the U . s . States with this signature mixture of tradition and dedication.

Glen-Gery hand crafted brick belongs in almost any project that demands the historic and also the genuine. It’s an excellent choice whenever a new or refurbished structure must blend seamlessly by having an established architectural context. Also it can create its very own authentic, traditional context if this stands alone. Regardless of how it’s employed, hand crafted brick provides a transformative design potential that connects a revered past towards the dynamic present. The brickmakers whoever actions we follow take their pride and know-how into every mold. Glen-Gery upholds that tradition with hand crafted brick of stunning beauty and presence.

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